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What we offer


With early intervention, services are offered in the child's natural environment.  Therapist come into your home, or day care setting, etc,   and work with you and your child.  Listed below are the services our agency offers and how they can help your child. 

Occupational Therapy
Speech Language Pathology

Occupational Therapists help individuals do their main daily occupations and activities,  which for a child is play! Occupational Therapist primarily help infants and children with their fine motor skills (hand movements), feeding, and sensory inssues.  For a list of our Early Intervention Occupational Therapists , click HERE

Speech/Language Pathologists primarily work on a child's communication and language skills.  SLP's,  also help with swallowing and eating problems.  For a list of our Early Intervention Speech Therapists, click  HERE.

Developmental Specialist

Developmental Specialists work on a child's overall development.  They assess and work with children, focusing on their cognitive skills.  They also work with children who may be at risk for a developmental delays. For a list of our Early Intervenion developmental specialists, click HERE

Registered Nurse

A registered nurse works with a child's health and devlopment.  They work with a variety of children including  babies home from the NICU with machinery or equipment,  premies, or children with failure to thrive.  They work closely with parents to help monitor a child's health and diet,  and teach the parents how to feel comfortable doing new meical tasks that their child may require.  For a list of Early Intervention Registered Nurse click HERE. 

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist work with a child's gross motor skills (their walking, crawling, running, jumping, throwing, etc.)  Through fun games and play activities our physical therapist help children development these fundamental skills.  For a list of our Early Intervenion Physical Therapists, click HERE. 

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