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Creative Works is an early intervention therapy provider agency for the West Virginia Birth to Three system.  West Virginia Birth to Three provides ongoing early intervention services to infants and toddlers with disabilities, deveopmental delays, or those at risk for a delays. The purpose of the team is to help infants and children who are at risk for developmentally delayed in their communication, physical movements, social/emotional skills, cognitive skills, or sensory skills reach their developmental potential so they can suceed in future school, play and family/friend relations.  Creative Works Therapy Team, and West Virginia Birth to Three services are provided at no cost to the family. 



Our Story

In 2006 Alicia Jensen started contracting with the West Virginia Birth to Three system a few hours a week, on top of her full time job at a skilled nursing facility, to earn some extra income.  Alicia absolutely loved the job, and the people she worked with and the people she served.  Not long after in 2007, another agency which contracted with West Virginia Birth to Three was closing down.  Many of her friends and other co-workers would no longer have jobs, which meant not only were they losing their income,  but their health benefits as well.  Many practitioners with thinking about leaving  West Virginia Birth to Three all together.  Knowing the importance of  early intervention there was only one thing left to do,  create a new therapy agency.  Many practitioners  joined their talents and resources together to create a team,  so employees could feel like they owned their own job,  but had the highest pay and best benefits.   So Creative Works Therapy Team was born,  with the main goal to provide outstanding quality care to the children and families we serve,  as well as excellent work environement for our families. 

Over the past 7 years we have grown in our number of therapist, and have expanded all over the state. 


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